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Quicksilver Cruises: The best way to tour the Great Barrier Reef

Have you decided you want to explore one of Australia’s most iconic scenes and natural assets, The Great Barrier Reef? It’s the only natural structure that can be seen from outer space and stretches more than 2,300km along the northeast of Queensland, Australia. With its clean and clear water, it surely is to be at the top of your to-do list while visiting Australia. Not sure whether you want to swim in it or stay dry? With Quicksilver Cruises, you have the option to do what you want! Pick from Great Barrier Reef snorkeling, diving, semi-sub or just observations from aboard. Whether you choose to stay dry or get wet, you are sure to experience all that the Great Barrier Reef has to offer.

Your location

Agincourt Reef: Departing from Port Douglas, Quick Silver will take you through series of patch reefs, all the way to the outer edge of Australia’s Continental Shelf, where you will see and explore Agincourt Reef. This area is considered the “Outer” Barrier Reef. This sandy beach and clear, calm lagoon allow for ideal conditions for any type of water activities.

Low Isles: An idyllic, coral cay island and an ultimate tropical paradise. The corals and marine life are very close which makes this an ideal spot to visit while on a day cruise.

Your Quicksilver day cruise

Wavedancer: A 30-metre luxury sailing catamaran or “big ship sailing combined with comfort.” This high-speed wavepiercer allows you to be pampered in an air conditioned lounge or lay out and soak up the sun under the sails on the deck or under one of their thatched umbrellas.

On-board buffet: You can enjoy a hot and cold tropical buffet with fresh prawns, pasta, meats, salads and fruits. All of which are included in your fare! A full bar is available also for you to purchase drinks.

Your adventure

Diving and snorkelling: A great option for beginners! You will receive instructional videos and on board demonstrations to teach you the right techniques so you have nothing to worry about. Quicksilver’s snorkeling safety officers can assist you with your snorkeling gear and give you a few tips so that you can fully enjoy your experience.

Semi-Submersible: If you’re looking to stay dry, a semi-sub is your best option. The boat will go just one meter underwater, experiencing everything a diver would. As you’re slowly gliding through the water, you can see the home of hundreds of species of corals and marine life from the underwater viewing platform and underwater observatory.

These are included in some of our My Queensland deals, you can speak to a My Queenslandconsultant about adding a Quicksilver cruise to your Tropical North Queensland Package today!