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Adrenaline Rushes in Queensland


Get your heart pumping from above the clouds with an exhilarating sky adventure in Queensland! If you’ve ever dreamt of flying, then come try the next best thing. Tackle the skies of the Sunshine State and freefall from thousands of feet in the air over beautiful beaches, fly high above the coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef, see the islands of Queensland’s coast from a bird’s eye view and plummet into the treetops of luscious rainforest. You’ll gain a whole new perspective of Queensland’s natural beauty when discover it from the sky.

Freefall from extreme heights

With drop zones all along the coastline, plus kilometres and kilometres of beautiful beaches and coral reef systems that are visible from space, skydiving in Queensland is an experience like no other. The best part is, anybody can skydive. All the dive sites across Queensland offer tandem diving, so even the smaller family members can try this exhilarating experience. Most of the My QLD Holiday destinations have a skydive drop zone nearby. On the Gold Coast, you can freefall while looking out over the city skyline before floating down to the sandy Kirra beach, while skydiving in Brisbane will provide sweeping views of the city, Moreton Bay and Bribie Island. Plummet through the cool air of the high sky toward the picture-perfect beaches of Noosa, fly above the crystal-clear waters of the Whitsundays or see the Great Barrier Reef, The World Heritage Rainforests and Trinity Inlet all in one panoramic view when you skydive in Cairns! An all time favourite drop zone for skydivers across Australia is Mission Beach. There is so much to see from high above this picturesque coastal village that you might have to skydive twice just to take it all in! Mission Beach is famous for its wide beaches that are lapped by the Coral Sea. The beaches look incredible from the ground level, let alone from the clouds. Launch out of the plane and marvel at the long stretches of white sand beaches, lush green rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef plus the collection of islands amongst the reef, including the famous Dent Island. Freefalling from up 15,000ft in the air with the most spectacular views all around you, skydiving Queensland is an experience you’ll remember forever.

The original bungy experience

Those who are game can’t visit Cairns without testing out the original bungy jumping experience! Most already know the story of AJ Hackett, but for those that don’t… In 1986 AJ Hackett and his mates set out to find the ultimate adrenalin rush. After learning about the ritual of Pentecost Islanders, that throw themselves off 35 metre high towers with vines attached to their ankles, they wanted to create their own version of this heart pumping activity. After many experiments, theories and ideas, the group final mastered it and started launching themselves off bridges with the bungy cords attached to their ankles. In 1987, AJ made the jump that would make bungying a popular extreme sport – he launched himself off the Eiffel Tower! Obviously, the jump was successful, and it attracted the attention of people from all over the world. It didn’t take long for AJ Hackett to make bungy jumping a world-wide hype. He has created bungy sites all over the world now, from Singapore and China to Russia and France as well as our very own here in Australia. Set amongst the tropical rainforests, the AJ Hackett Cairns is the first and only of its kind in Australia. You don’t need to be an adrenalin junkie to enjoy it either! There are 16 different jumps to choose from, across three different levels. Take it easy and start on Level 1 for the less intimidating jumps or get your heart racing as your jump from Level 3. If jumping from edges isn’t your thing, you might enjoy swinging through the treetops on AJ Hacketts Minjin Jungle Swing! Up to three people can swing at a time. The Jungle Swing shoots 45 metres into the rainforest at extreme speeds – up to 120km/h!

Bird’s eye view

Take to the skies and get a bird’s eye view of Queensland’s natural beauty. Whether you jump aboard a helicopter, a small aircraft or even a hot air balloon, taking a scenic flight above the regions of Queensland is guaranteed to give you the best views from the best vantage point – amongst the clouds! There is plenty to see along a scenic Queensland flight, so make sure you pack your camera! Step aboard a seaplane on the sunny Gold Coast for a world of sky adventures. Soar over top of the Gold Coast on a short scenic ride and see all the regions iconic attractions, from the Q1 building and SeaWorld to the Spit and Currumbin. Alternatively, you can make a day of it and fly over the city and out to Stradbroke Island. If you want to explore the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet, then jump into one of the many Whitsundays helicopter tours. Many people think that exploring the reef can only be done when you go out snorkelling or scuba diving, but the coral ecosystems of the Great Barrier Reef look just as impressive from the sky. The Whitsunday helicopter tours can take all around the island group. Soar over coral reef formations, snap a photo of the iconic Heart Reef and marvel at the beauty of Whitehaven Beach! Try something a little different and slowly soar through the air in the world’s hot air balloon capital, Tropical North Queensland. The climate in northern Queensland is perfect for hot air ballooning, and the picturesque views that are around every corner make the experience one you’ll never forget. Opt for a morning balloon ride and watch the sunrise above the Atherton Tablelands!

No matter how you want to do it, our QLD Holiday Experts can help send you on your way for a Queensland sky adventure. Get in touch now to find out more! Queensland is full of other experiences too, follow the link to check them out!