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Climbing in Queensland

We all know there is nothing better than a bird’s eye view – being hundreds of metres above sea level looking out over a truly breathtaking view. Whether you’re climbing a mountain to look out over the lush green vistas of tropical rainforests and stunning national parks, or climbing a giant building to look out over a vibrant coastal city, the exhilarating feeling you get is all the same. Addicted to the feeling of being above the clouds? Want to conquer your fear of heights? Or maybe you’ve just always wanted to know what the Gold Coast looks like from the sky? Rest assured we have something for you to climb in Queensland!

Reach man-made heights

In the heart of Queensland’s capital city is a must-do Brisbane experience. There are only three bridge climbs in the entire world and one of them is The Story Bridge in Brisbane. The Story Bridge Adventure Climb has a relaxed approach to climbing and is easily achieved by any age or fitness level. It’s not about a challenging climb. It’s about standing 80 metres above sea level with panoramic views of the bustling city all the way out to Moreton Bay in the east and Scenic Rim in the west. Accompanied by experienced Climb Leaders, you’ll start making your way up the frame of the bridge, above the level of the road. Before you know it, you’ll be standing on viewing platform with the wind in your hair, overlooking the glorious views. The Climb Leaders are Brisbane locals and know all about to magnificent historical story behind the Brisbane landmark, and they will be proud to share it with you during the journey to the top. Ensure the memories last forever and get a photo on the viewing platform to take home!

The Gold Coast is an impressive sight to see, even from ground level. Imagine how incredible everything looks from the sky! Soaring 270 metres into the salty Gold Coast air is Australia’s highest external building climb, SkyPoint Climb, atop the iconic Q1 building in Surfers Paradise. 90 minutes, a high speed elevator and a 50 metre stairway will get you to the highest point of the building. Before you commence this unforgettable experience, safety first! You’ll be fitted with a protective suit, equipped with a full body harness and a full arrest device, while the Climb Leaders begin the safety briefing on the ground level of the Q1. Jump into the high speed elevator and launch up to level 77 of the building in less than a minute. The climbing experience begins when you reach that 77th floor and the enclosed glass airlock opens up as your entry to exterior of the building. A quick safety session and the Climb Leaders will harness you to the safety rail so you can start making your way up! The climb consists of about 50 metres of purpose built stairways that lead to the very tip of the Q1 building. The view when you get to the top is indescribable. At 270 metres above sea level, you’re at the highest point on the entire Gold Coast so no matter which direction you look in, you’ll see nothing but uninterrupted views of the vibrant city. The Climb Leaders accompany you all the way to the top and know all about the Gold Coast and its major highlights. Look out over Mount Warning, let your eyes follow the trail of Nerang River and see how many iconic Gold Coast buildings you can name! It doesn’t stop there either. Once you head back down and into the elevator of level 77, instead of going back down stay and hang out at the SkyPoint Observation Deck. Rising 230 metres into the sky, the SkyPoint Observation Deck is the only beachside observation deck in Australia, so kick back, drink in hand and marvel at the impressive view! All that climbing might make your tummy growl, so sit down and have a bite to eat at Seventy7 Café & Bar before embarking the descend.

Nature climbs

Made up of 11 peaks, you are guaranteed a magnificent view or two when you climb to the ranges of the Sunshine Coasts Glass House Mountains, just an hour drive from Noosa and Brisbane. The natural rocky outcrops nestled amidst the Sunshine Coast Hinterland are remnants of volcanic activity on Queensland’s coastline 25+ million years ago. The Glass House Mountains are a go-to for anyone who loves to hike, climb or simply enjoy a good view. Stretching from Beerburrum in the south, up to Mooloolah in the north, out to Peachester and Mt Mellum in the west and along the Bruce Highway in the east, the Glass House Mountains are just waiting to be discovered. Two of the eleven peaks are open to the public with both walking and climbing tracks to suit any skill level. Mount Tibrogargin may not be the highest of the Glass House Mountains, but it has proved to be the most popular mountain of the group when it comes to climbing. You can take the tourist walk for an easy climb to the lookout or opt for more of a challenge and embark the journey to the summit. This track is not a ‘casual stroll’ to the top, more of an energy consuming vertical haul up rock faces, so it’s only recommended to those who are confident with their climbing skills. Once you’re at the top the jaw dropping views stretch across the entire sky around you. Each direction you look features a new awe inspiring view. Gaze out over the ocean of the Sunshine Coast, cast your eyes towards Moreton Island, observe the bustle of Brisbane city and admire the natural beauty of the other Glass House Mountains and the national park that surrounds it all.

Reach new heights when you holiday with My QLD Holidays! Whether you’re hauling yourself up the Glass House Mountains of the Sunshine Coast, climbing through the treetops of Tambourine Mountain in the Gold Coast Hinterland or journeying to the top of Brisbane’s iconic bridge, the view from the top is guaranteed to make your jaw hit the ground! Our Queensland Holiday Experts can help choose the perfect climbing adventure to suit you and your travelling party. Get in contact now to start planning your climbing Queensland holiday!