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Surfing in Queensland

Riding Queensland’s waves

Famous for the stunning beaches and the shining sun, it’s no surprise that Queensland is considered Australia’s surfing paradise! The breaks along Queensland’s coast are world-class. So much so that international surfing pros like Mick Fanning, Joel ‘Parko’ Parkinson, Julian Wilson and many more have showed off their skills on Queensland’s shores. The weather and water conditions make Queensland the perfect destination for surfing all year round, so the exhilarating water sport has become a way of life for Queenslanders. Surfing enthusiasts visiting Queensland won’t want to miss out on catching a Sunshine State wave. So our QLD Holiday Experts have chosen their favourite breaks all along the coastline, from as far south as the Gold Coast to as north as 1170.

Surfing the southeast

Where better to start your Queensland surfing adventure than in one of best surfing destinations in the world, the Gold Coast! From Tweed in the south, Stradbroke in the north and the aptly named Surfers Paradise in between it all, the world-class breaks are consistent for more than 50 kilometres along the coastline. So, rest assured you’ll find a wave perfect for you and your skill level. The points of The Superbank are said to be the best spots for surfing on the Gold Coast. Stretching from Snapper Rocks to Greenmount Beach, The Superbank may just provide you with the longest wave you’ve ever surfed. Due to its consistency, it’s one of the most popular surf spots on the coast so you may be sharing the waves with several other surfers. However, if you follow surf etiquette it won’t be long before you’re riding the inside of a barrel halfway to Kirra. The Superbank is certainly for the more experienced surfers, however there are great breaks for those just starting out, especially along the quiet beaches of Broadbeach.

The closest surf breaks to Brisbane are the waves of Stradbroke Island. Point Lookout is the go-to for surfing in Straddie. Cylinder Beach offers both whitewater waves as well as green waves during higher tides. It’s a perfect destination if you’re travelling companions aren’t so keen on surfing the waves with you. The rest of the family can enjoy a refreshing swim in the patrolled area of the beach while you ride the waves. Once a decent swell is up, Cylinder Beach is a great surf spot for long boarders as well. Main Beach is the most easterly point in the whole a Queensland. It’s a popular surf beach on the island with decent breaks over the outer bar. The waves consistently hold a 200m wide double bar system and the inner bar is generally attached to the beach and cut by deep rip channels every 200m or so.

The Sunshine Coast is renowned for having some of the best surfing conditions across the 120 plus surf spots. In the hub of Noosa, experienced and newbie surfers alike can enjoy the surf. Noosa National Park is great for those with advanced skills. The waves can be as big as 12 feet and could take you all the way down to Noosa Main Beach. The Coastal walking track of the national park will lead you to Tea Tree Bay after about 10 to 15 minutes where you’ll find the Sunshine Coasts best waves. The waves are fast and fun, sometimes getting as big as 6 feet. But if you want the biggest waves in town, trek a little deeper into the national park to Granite Bay. This surf spot faces a different direction to most others. You’ll find that when the waters are calm elsewhere, Granite Bay is picking up giant swells! Amateurs can learn to surf at Noosa Main Beach. It’s the only north facing beach on the Sunshine Coast so the waves are gentle and it’s protected from the winds.

Surfing is not normally considered in the northern part of Queensland. The Great Barrier Reefs runs along the northern coastline and blocks out most of the swells. The last of the surfable waves end in the waters around 1770 and Agnes Waters. You may find some impressive waves on the outer reef of Far North Queensland. The best waves to surf up here are a very well guarded secret. They’re hard to find and even when someone does discover a decent break, they won’t share their secret spot with anyone else!

We know Queensland holidays can easily be jampacked with exciting activities and things to do. We’d hate for our fellow surf enthusiasts to miss out on riding some of the best waves in our country. The My Queensland Holiday Experts can help plan your holiday accordingly, so you can spend as much time as you like surfing the Queensland waves. Contact My Queensland Holiday Experts today to find out more!