Exotic island escapes, close to home!

Picture pristine white beaches, colourful reef fish and secluded coves perfect for romantic dinners. The stuff of legend? Too good to be true? Not all—that’s the Whitsundays! Comprised of over 74 islands, the Whitsundays region includes Airlie Beach, Daydream Island, Hamilton Island and more! Stay in on secluded luxury islands; swim, snorkel or paddle over some of the world’s best live reefs and hike through the lush tropical wilderness that covers the stunning region! Holidays in the Whitsundays offer the complete Queensland experience—sunshine, adventure, natural wonder and indulgence! They’re perfect for those who don’t want to sit still and those wanting to just stretch out in the sun, by the pool with a book.

Airlie Beach is the region’s mainland jump-off. Looking out toward the islands, this town is small but spirited. Brilliant aqua and blue waters fill the marina and there are plenty of restaurants and nightlife haunts to choose from. A stay on Airlie Beach provides flexibility to explore the islands while staying on the mainland but, if that doesn’t appeal, try Daydream or Hamilton on for size! Daydream Island offers the chance to completely unwind. With no cars, there’s no hurry and guests often have no desire to leave! Engage in truly unique living reef experiences, watch movies of an evening on the 13-metre outdoor cinema screen and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that oozes out of the island’s only resort.

Hamilton Island is the most populated island on the Whitsundays and is home to the region’s main airport. There is a ferry terminal there too, connecting guests from Airlie Beach and Daydream Island, plus guests can sail out to explore the other uninhabited islands that surround. There is a lovely community feel to Hamilton Island and guest can partake in over 60 activities. These include snorkelling, diving, water sports, day spas and golf—Hamilton Island hosts Australia’s only championship golf course on its own private island!

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