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Best job in the world already taken? How does a ScUber driver sound?!


Imagine the 5-starfish ratings you’d get in the Great Barrier Reef? Who needs to offer water bottles or refreshments when you’re surrounded by water and refreshing scenery?! An underwater Uber? No need to sit idle in nightclub districts for the bookings to flow in. But let’s get serious, the ScUber job is already taken. I mean there’s a fair bit of training involved to be able to power a submarine that helped create Sir David Attenborough’s reef series. (Kid you not. Check it out here.)

But I digress.

The Branson-esque brains at Queensland, Australia have partnered with the innovative (thank you for also bringing us food) legends at Uber to bring ScUber to the world. And by the world, we mean the world’s largest, most biodiverse, magical, underwater wonderland ecosystem that is – the Great Barrier Reef.



So who’s keen to book a driver diver?

Well just like the lotto, you’ve got to be in it to win it. And you actually can. Win a ride in ScUber and a cheeky 5 Night stay in our favourite Cairns resort Riley, A Crystalbrook Collection, plus a cruise and helicopter ride, a Daintree Rainforest Tour and free food from Uber Eats! Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the ground. It’s time to head up to sunny Queensland and soak up the sun from Monday May 27 to June 18, 2019.

Imagine the small talk you’d avoid by diving 30-metres deep into the Great Barrier Reef. With almost 3000 separate coral reefs, surrounding 1505 islands, all full of bright, glittering, lively fish species and much-loved marine animals, we imagine the conversation to be much more engaging.

To get you to those white-sand beaches quickly so you can start swimming with turtles and swapping the office for an enviable tropical escape, save time and book one of these pearlers.

In celebration of this world-first underwater rideshare opportunity, My QLD Holiday have released exclusive holiday packages including flights, transfers, accommodation, meals and awesome in-destination experiences in Cairns, Townsville, the Whitsundays and Heron Island. The perfect places to be discoverable when requesting your ScUber.

Starting its eco-friendly engine at Heron Island, off the coast of Gladstone and heading north, any one of us can literally request to book the ScUber via the Uber app. Three weeks of holidaying options, plus a world-first, once-in-a-lifetime experience (if you don’t count the Octonaut shopping centre ride) is not a bad start to your winter.

Adding to the cool-factor is the fact that while this submarine will be allowing up to 40 lucky passengers explore the Great Barrier Reef like never before, it’s also collecting data to support reef research and monitoring. You can even track it in real-time on the Reef Tracks marine life tracker (along with some sweetly named tiger sharks like Erica).

From James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke to ScUber, the power of carpooling has reached new heights depths. Check out all the details for your chance to ride ScUber.