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Zoo’s in Queensland

Australia is full of unique animals that half the world has never heard of. Some are lucky enough to encounter our native animals out in the wild in the national parks and bushlands of Queensland. But, for a guaranteed up close and personal experience with Australia’s, and the world’s, wildlife, pay a visit to one of Queensland’s zoos! Meet Australia’s furry friends and cuddle up to a koala, feed a kangaroo, take a walk with a wombat and play with a dingo. Some of our zoos are home to exotic international species too so you can laze around with a giant tortoise or get a selfie with a giraffe while you’re there. Queenslanders know that animals make the world a better place. So, many of our world-class zoos are dedicated to their conservation programs to help protect the environment and wildlife of our world. There are endangered species programs, breeding programs and more at the zoos in Queensland and making a contribution to help our natural world has never been easier! Most Queensland zoos take a portion of your entry fee to support their conservation efforts. So head to a Queensland zoo, learn about and meet our fascinating native animals and their overseas friends, and help make a difference for the conversation of wildlife.

Aussie wildlife at Currumbin Sanctuary

It doesn’t get much more Aussie than a visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! It started out as a bird sanctuary many years ago, and has since grown into one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Gold Coast. There are hundreds of native animals that call Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary home – they make up one of the largest collections of Australian native animals in the world! Get a cuddle from the gentle mountain brush tail possum of the Sanctuary, Meccano, or take a stroll with friendly resident wombats, Lee and Janome. There are educational and entertainment shows happening all day every day. You could learn all about the Australian saltwater crocodile, celebrate our Aboriginal culture or watch giant eagle in free flight. A new addition to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is the arrival of Blinky Bill and his friends. The little ones will have a ball rehearsing and filming scenes with Blinky Bill in the fun, interactive, fast paced musical show! The sanctuary even boasts its very own on-site wildlife hospital. The veterinarians of Currumbin Wildlife Hospital treat more than 8,000 sick, injured and orphaned wildlife patients each year. You can check out the wildlife hospital from the outside deck or watch to vets do what they’re best at from behind the floor to ceiling windows. You can upgrade to a behind the scenes tour and learn all about the fantastic efforts of the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital.

Cuddle a koala at Lone Pine

Where better to snuggle up to koala than at the first and largest koala sanctuary in the world? More than 130 koalas call Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary home and theirs a place for every koala personality. The individual homes for the koalas include “Boys”, where all the typical teenagers hang out, “Kindergarten”, a place for the young koalas to run amok and “Retirement Home”, a quiet place for the oldies to sleep their days away. You can get a koala cuddle any day of the week here. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary isn’t just home to Australia’s fury koalas, more than 100 Australian wildlife species live here too. All your Aussie favourites are here, including Skippy the kangaroo, the endangered Tasmanian devil, spiny echidnas, the large and fast emu and many more! Learn about the life of a platypus, hand feed lorikeets, hold a snake or watch as a free-flying raptor shows you his hunting techniques. The best part? It’s all just 15 minutes from Brisbane CBD!

Crikey – have a go at this!

Visit the home of the Crocodile Hunter and say ‘Crikey’ when you meet the hundreds of animals that call Australia Zoo home. The Irwin family have put the hard work in to making Australia Zoo one of the biggest and best wildlife conservation facilities in the entire world – you’ll find no zoo in the world like it. Australia Zoo is dedicated to providing and improving conservation programs and projects to help protect our wildlife. The whole world knew about Steve Irwin’s passion for crocodiles so it’s no surprise that Australia Zoo operates the most successful croc research project in the whole world. Not just protecting the apex predators of Australia, the zoo also has conservation projects for other species including tigers, southern cassowaries, cheetahs, elephants and Tasmanian devils. From the little legs of a lizard and the fluttering wings of a parrot, to the giant jaw of a crocodile and the pounding paws of a tiger, Australia Zoo has animals of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. The opportunities for wildlife encounters is incredible. Have some fun with a playful troop of ring-tailed lemurs, hang out with a giant lizard on the colossal komodo encounter, take a walk on the wild side with a tiger or a cheetah by your side, laze around with a giant tortoise, get a selfie with a giraffe, wonder with wombats or ride a camel! Visit the giant exhibits to watch African wildlife behave as they would in the wild at the African Savannah and learn the life of crocodiles from the Wildlife Warriors at the Crocoseum. Head to one of the wildlife shows that are held each day and watch the cheeky otters come out to play, learn about the lazy lives of koalas, witness giant birds of prey show off their hunting skills and more!

Wildlife in the rainforest

40 minutes north of Cairns and 25 minutes south of Port Douglas is where you’ll find Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Queensland’s World Heritage listed rainforest, Harley’s Crocodile Adventures has 2100 metres of tracks and trails for you to wander and discover the five different zones of the wildlife park. Jump aboard a boat to cruise through Hartley’s Lagoon and the wetlands and keep an eye out for crocs prowling the waters; Wander through the Cassowary Walk and say hello to the Australia’s endangered, flightless birds; Stroll along the Wildlife Discovery Trial to discover all the different wildlife that live here, from the freshwater crocs and swimming turtles, to the scuffling lizards and chirping birds; Take a tour of the Crocodile Farm and learn how crocodile farming contributes to conservation before gaining knowledge from the newest attraction, the Gondwana Gateway. Wondering around the park can make you work up an appetite so head to the parks restaurants at lunchtime for a pick-me-up!

We are big animal lovers here in Queensland. That’s why our zoos are among the best in the country and conservation programs and projects are operating at each of them. As an Australia, cuddling a koala, hand feeding a kangaroo or hanging out with a wombat are probably all on your bucket list. Let the My QLD Holiday Experts help you cross them off with an unforgettable Queensland holiday visiting our zoos! Get in contact with Queensland Holiday Experts today or check out all our QLD Holiday deals!